libsthriving 8 Awesome Ways Libraries Make Learning More Fun:
libsthriving Libraries are the thin red line between civilization and barbarism. ~ Neil Gaiman
libsthriving What in the world would we do without our libraries? ~ Katherine Hepburn
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libsthriving When I was about eight, I decided that the most wonderful thing, next to a human being, was a book. ~ Margaret Walker

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'Libraries Thriving and Multi-Grain Sponsored Debate: Are Libraries Thriving?' Recording


On Friday, November 4, 2011 at 12:30PM EST/9:30AM PST/4:30PM UTC, Libraries Thriving and Against the Grain's Multi-Grain sponsored an oxford-style debate at the Charleston Conference that included audience participation and voting. Credo Reference’s Libraries Thriving and Against the Grain’s Multi-Grain posed the question : Are libraries thriving?

Listen to the recording of the debate included below to hear both sides of the debate and make a decision about which side you are on!

{mp4-flv height="495" displayheight="420" displaywidth="500" width="555" usefullscreen="true" shownav="true"}AreLibrariesThriving1{/mp4-flv}