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As a part of the collaboration between Libraries Thriving and the National Forum on Information Literacy, we created a badge for National Information Literacy Month in an effort to draw attention to what President Obama proclaimed in October 2009 as the necessity for every individual to “learn the skills necessary to acquire, collate, and evaluate information for any situation.” The full text of President Obama’s proclamation can be found here.


Due to the success of our National Information Literacy Awareness Month badge and because Information Literacy skills are relevant beyond just the month of October, we have decided to feature a badge that is appropriate for sharing all year long.  Below you’ll find the HTML code and URL for embedding or sharing the badge on your blog, in your e-mail signature or on your social networking sites.


In addition to sharing the badge, you’re also invited to take part in the discussion about Information Literacy awareness actions happening on campuses across the United States. Add images and stories to the discussion forum here.


Embed this badge by copying the following HTML code:

<a href="http://www.librariesthriving.org/learning-community-community-topics/support-information-literacy" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.librariesthriving.org/images/stories/badge-final-200x200.png" border="0" alt="Information Literacy Supporter Badge" /></a>

Post this badge to your social networking sites by copying the following URL:



Add this badge to your website:

Copy the HTML code included above. Insert code into an HTML editor. Save and preview.

Add or post this badge to your blog or social networking site:


Copy the URL included above. Login to your Facebook account. Insert the included URL into your Profile's Status box.


Copy the URL included above. Login to your Twitter account. Insert the included URL into the What's Happening box.


Copy the HTML code included above. Sign in to your MySpace page and click on 'Edit Profile'. Now copy or paste the Badge code into the section of your MySpace page where you would like it to show. For instance, you can copy it in the 'About Me' section, or your 'Interests' section. After copying the code, click 'Preview section' to see if the badge is where you want it. If it's not in the right spot, click Return to Edit Section, and try again. If it's right where you want it, click Save All Changes.


Copy the HTML code included above. Sign in to your Blogger account and go to your Dashboard. Click on 'Layout' in the Manage your Blogs module. On the layout page, click 'Add a Page Element' either in the left column or at the bottom of your blog layout. On the 'Choose a New Page Element' pop up page, click the HTML/JavaScript ADD TO BLOG button and paste the copied badge code into the content area. Then give it a title and click SAVE CHANGES.


Copy the HTML code included above. Sign in to your WordPress account and go to your Dashboard. Click on Widgets located under the Appearance menu tab. Select 'Text' widget from the list of Available Widgets and drag to a sidebar on the right to activate. Insert copied HTML code into text box. Save.

Live Journal

Copy the HTML code included above. Sign in to your Live Journal account. Click on Post an Entry, or go to the Journal menu, and click on Post an Entry. With the Rich Text tab selected, click on the Embed Media icon (it looks like a little CD). Copy the badge code into the box, and click on Insert. Or, with the HTML tab selected, click on Embed Media. Copy the badge code into the box, and click on Insert. Then add anything else you would like to your Live Journal entry, and select Post to Username.

Add this badge to your email signature:

Yahoo Mail

Copy the HTML code included above. Sign in to your Yahoo email account, and click on Options (or Mail Options). Select Signature, then select View HTML and also select Color and Graphics. Copy the code into the Signature box. If you like, choose "Add signature to all outgoing messages ". Then click Save.


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