New Librarian Roles – Building Connections not Collections

Speaker: Micah Vandegrift, 2013 Library Journal "Mover and Shaker"
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

The past few years have produced more than a few articles, reports and initiatives focused on the new face of librarianship. The field, which is constantly evolving in response to our users and patron needs, is approaching a time where e-resources are a significant percentage of the collection. Placing emphasis on the relational aspect of our work is increasing in importance in response to that shift. This webinar will discuss some possible opportunities and challenges to approach these topics, especially in the context of academic librarianship. 

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libsthriving @wylie_alan Oh my goodness! And we thought things were bad in the States... What a terrible thing to happen to UK public libraries.
libsthriving .@wylie_alan What?! Vols coming in a few hrs/wk aren't capable of the same things FT librarians & aides/clerks are? We feel your pain.
libsthriving RT @wylie_alan: @libsthriving more trained & paid staff :-)
libsthriving If you could add one thing to your library without having to jump through budget hoops to do it, what would it be?

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